Natural Chicken Blood Stone Saddle Plug

Natural Chicken Blood Stone Saddle Plug


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Natural Chicken Blood Stone Saddle Plug

Organic, Chicken Bloodstone cut, sanded and buffed to a shiny sleek polish by hand. Specifically made for your comfort and style. Originating from China, this particular stone is called "Chicken Blood" due to the fact that the red on this stone looks like fresh chicken blood. Chicken Bloodstone comes in variations of 8 colors as a solid or combined in spotted specks. Our plugs come in a combination of bright and dark reds, black, white, gray and possibly hints of yellow. The Chinese supposedly believed that this particular stone could cure blood disorders and heal wounds. Believed to calm, rationalize thoughts, gives courage and renews relationships.
Caution: Exposing these Chicken Bloodstone plugs to the sun for long periods of time may result to darkening the red areas.

Because these are natural stones, shades, cuts, texture or colors may vary.

Size : 6GA, 4GA, 2GA, 0GA, 00GA, 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1"
Material : Chicken Bloodstone in Red, Black, White, Gray (possible hints of yellow).

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