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Are Tapers Jewelry?

Posted by Cocobul on 5/9/2014 to Body Jewelry

Tapers, also known as Stretchers, were not considered jewelry before, but it is now. Sound confusing? Let me explain!

The term Taper is refers to a conical rod that is used for stretching ear lobes. Because of that, it is considered more of tool than a piece of jewelry.

However the whole concept of a Taper changed when body jewelry makers began to make fancier tapers. In the past Tapers were made in a simple conical shape and made of Surgical Steel or Acrylic. Old school Tapers didn’t have fancy designs, shapes, or color but the new Tapers that are coming out today are available in fancy designs, unique shapes, vibrant colors, and come in a variety of materials like glass, stone, gold-plated, bone, horn, and much more.

Today, we can stretch our ear lobes in style by wearing fancy Tapers. You can also just wear Tapers as jewelry in place of Plugs.
If you are interested in stretching your ear lobes, stretching at home is not recommended since it can easily lead to tearing tissue, pain, bleeding, and inaccurate size. It is best to get professional help from your local reputable piercers. For those of you, who stretched ear lobes already, check out Cocobul Body Jewelry’s awesome Taper selection .

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