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Barbells – Straight Barbells

Posted by NRT on 1/16/2014 to Body Jewelry

In the body piercing industry, there are different types of jewelry that are used depending on the piercing itself. The barbell is a very diverse piece of jewelry that can be used for many different types of piercings. There are different types of barbells; curved, circular, surface and straight. The straight barbell is a very common type of barbell, tongue rings and industrial barbells both fall under the straight barbell category. Barbells typically have two threaded balls at both ends and sometimes have one fixed ball, they can also be found as either internally threaded or externally threaded. Nose Piercing When a barbell is referred to as internally threaded, it normally means that the barbell post has smooth ends and the threading is inside the post while the ball end has the threading sticking out. Externally threaded barbells on the other hand have threading on both ends of the barbell. They are typically made of implant grade 316L surgical steel, titanium, gold, and acrylic. Straight barbells are most commonly worn in the tongue and in many parts of the ear cartilage making the straight barbell a very popular piece of jewelry.

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