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Curved Barbells

Posted by Jessica Theys on 1/30/2014 to Body Jewelry

They’re various types of jewelry that can be used for body piercing depending on your liking. Curved Barbells, also commonly known as Eyebrow Ring, can be used for numerous piercings such as eyebrow, tongue, navel, tragus, and nipple. They can either be internally threaded or externally threaded. Internally threading meaning that the threading is located inside the post and the ball has the threading sticking out, so it can be attached to the post. External threading is the opposite; it has the threading on the actual post of the barbell. They’re different types of material that can be used to make curved barbells such as surgical steel, gold, titanium, and acrylic. Curved Barbells One of my favorite piercings I have that requires a curved barbell is my snake eye piercing which located on the tongue. It is a horizontal piercing that goes through the tip of your tongue. I use a surgical steel curved barbell which is 16GA 7/16’s. Curved Barbells also come in various lengths and sizes, all depending on your liking and areas where you want to get pierced. As an example, most of piercers use 16GA 3/8” or 7/16” Curved Barbell for a typical eyebrow piercing. What is you’re a favorite curved barbell piercing? Regardless the type of piercing, I am sure that you will find a jewelry you would like in cocobulbodyjewelry’s curved barbell selection!

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