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Posted by NT on 4/8/2014 to Body Jewelry

A micro dermal implant also known as dermal is a type of semi-permanent body modification. Unlike skin divers, dermal piercings are composed of two parts, the anchor and the top. The dermal anchor can be placed anywhere on the surface of the skin on the body.

The anchor is usually made of an implant grade material such as 316L surgical steel or grade 23 titanium, while the top can be made of any material since it is an inter-changeable piece of jewelry and does not have any physical contact with the body. dermals Healing times vary from person to person but on an average can take anywhere between 1-3 months to completely heal.
Since the body is known to reject foreign objects, there is a small chance for the anchor to be rejected and pushed out. As with all piercings the area should be maintained clean. Piercing Aftercare products can help promote healing but a homemade saline solution will do the same.

Once the new piercing has healed the dermal top can easily be unscrewed and replaced with a different one. It is highly advised to not replace the top during the healing time since it can cause trauma to wound and prolong the healing time. Don’t forget to check out Cocobulbodyjewelry’s awesome dermal selection!

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