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Ear Piercings as Acupuncture

Posted by Cocobul Staff on 8/3/2016 to Body Jewelry

There are so many reasons for getting a piercing these days.
Some do it as a form of personal expression, to conquer their fears and for Religious reasons.

Recently, a new reason for getting pierced is becoming popular: the purpose of healing.

This holistic approach is a 5,000 year old tradition, which is more popularly known as acupuncture.

Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy came about in the Stone Age and have advanced into popular alternatives of medicine in recent years.
In the early 1950’s, one of the pioneering doctors of acupuncture, noticed that there was a connection between parts of the ear that could stimulate other parts of the body when a piercing was placed on those pressure points.
Most of the pressure points to alleviate pain can be found in your ear, which is why acupuncturists refer to it as the “micro-system” because there is a point for every part of the body.

When getting an ear piercing you can improve your energy flow, pain regulation and regulate your body’s internal organs.

It just so happens that in the last few years, many people are getting ear piercings for all sorts of medicinal purposes, including migranes or even to reduce stress.

Here is a list of ear piercings and what they can do for you:

My First Dermal!

Conch: Relax Muscles and help with chronic pain.
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My First Dermal!

Lobe: Can improve depression and eye sight.
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My First Dermal!

Cartilage Rim: Allergy relief, Stress relief. Shop Here

Many other forms of improvement can come through having your ears pierced. If you’re interested or just like the looks, you can shop our massive cartilage/tragus section here


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