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How big is your hole?

Posted by on 3/7/2014 to Body Jewelry

Are you considering on getting a new piercing, but not sure what size piercing do you want to get? Here are some tips for you. The beauty of piercing is that you can get a piercing on pretty much anywhere and for any size.

Tongue piercing as an example, the common size for Tongue Piercing is 14 Gauge, but it is possible to get it with thicker sizes such as 12 Gauge, 10 Gauge, or even thicker. Although it is possible to get piercing in different sizes, you might want to consider going with the common size if you thinking about switching to fancy body jewelry after an initial piercing is healed. How big is your hole? Almost all fancy body jewelry are made in common sizes. 14 Gauge for Tongue Piercing, 18 or 20 Gauge for Nose Piercing, 14 Gauge for Navel Piercing (see the below chart for common sizes for different piercing). You will have a hard time finding different styles of jewelry if your piercing is in different size than common size, and you might want to consider the size when you get your new piercing next time.

For more information, you can check out cocobulbodyjewelery size chart or simply contact us.

Type of Piercing

Common Size

Tongue Piercing

14 Gauge

Navel Piercing

14 Gauge

Nose Piercing

18 or 20 Gauge

Industrial Piercing

14 Gauge

Dermal Piercing

14 Gauge

Eyebrow Piercing

16 Gauge

Nipple Piercing

14 Gauge

Lip Piercing / Labret

14 or 16 Gauge

Cartilage / Tragus

16 Gauge


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