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How to Stretch Your Ears! (Part2)

Posted by Cocobul on 7/13/2012 to How to Stretch Your Ears

Step 3: Start Stretching

Once you have your jewelry and other materials, you can begin the stretching process! The best time to stretch is right after a hot shower, when your skin is most elastic and pliable.

Begin by washing your hands, and make sure your new jewelry and taper are clean and ready. Massage some of your lubricant into your ears, and begin to push your taper (small end first!) through one ear. Pay attention to how your ear feels! If you encounter any type of pain or strong resistance, stop immediately! You should never feel pain during a stretch, as it is a sign that your ears are not ready to move on to the next size. Some light resistance or a slight discomfort while stretching is expected, but you should always listen to your body and never get impatient. Just take it nice and slow. Plugs

Align your jewelry with the large end of the taper, as if it were an extension of the taper itself. Finish pushing the taper through your ear along with the jewelry, and you're done! Repeat this process with the other ear. You may find that one of your ears stretches more than the other, but don't risk hurting one ear because the other has already been stretched! Its fine to stretch each ear at different speeds, or to temporarily downsize your easily stretched ear until the other has caught up.

At larger sizes, you may find it helpful to use a different method of stretching, called “taping”. The taping method involves wrapping small layers of Teflon, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) or bondage tape around a piece of jewelry and reinserting it into your ear. By adding new layers of tape over a short period of time, the diameter of the plug can be increased gradually, allowing for a very safe and comfortable stretch. This method is most recommended for stretching to sizes 6GA and larger, as this process is much more difficult with smaller jewelry.

Step 4: Aftercare & Cleaning

Aftercare after a fresh stretch should be minimal. If you stretch properly, there should be no tears or damage to your skin- so there is no need to treat your stretches as if they were fresh piercings. Above all, avoid doing anything to disrupt the healing process, such as using harsh chemicals on your ears (like rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide).

After stretching, there should be no bleeding or pain. A slight soreness or tingling may be okay, but any bleeding or significant pain should be dealt with immediately by removing your earrings and downsizing to your previous size. Wait until your ears are completely healed before attempting to stretch again.

It can be helpful to use a saline solution on your ears. Combine sea salt (non-iodized) and warm water and soak your ears in the solution for a few minutes, using approximately 1/8 of a teaspoon of salt to each cup of water. Use your saline solution sparingly, no more than once or twice a day.

Regular oil massages can help stimulate blood flow in the earlobes and promotes healing. Leave your ears alone for the first few days after a stretch, and resume oil massaging after jewelry can be removed easily and doesn't fit too tightly. fav plugs

Stretching is an awesome and rewarding form of body modification! It requires patience and respect for the human body. Stretch proper and stay safe!

Step 5: What’s Next?

You've stretched your ears and a few weeks have gone by with no troubles, so you can consider your ears to be healed from your recent stretch! At this point, you can start wearing jewelry that is only recommended for healed stretches, such as silicone or organic materials (such as wood, bone or horn). You can start also start wearing double flared jewelry if your ears seem to be ready for it, but as always, don't force anything into your ears! Sometimes it can take much longer to accommodate double flared jewelry.

Your next stretch should only be done once your ears are completely healed from your last stretch. A waiting period of one to two months is a good guideline, but it’s different for everyone, so be careful! Pay attention to how your ears feel as you stretch, and always stop if you experience any pain or bleeding. It can be very tempting to fight through pain because you want to move up in size, but always remember- you only get one pair of earlobes, and stretching improperly can result in permanent damage! Be cautious!

Stretching is an awesome and rewarding form of body modification! It requires patience and respect for the human body. Stretch proper and stay safe!

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How to Stretch Your Ears
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