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I want to get my body pierced! Where do I start? (Part2)

Posted by Cocobul on 12/12/2012 to I want to get my body pierced! Where do I start?

Eyebrow - eyebrows piercings are done along the thicker strip of tissue above the corner of the eye, inward. Keep this piercing away from the bridge of your nose to avoid damaging nerve clusters- this could cause partial paralysis of your face! Captive bead rings and curved barbells are the most common jewelry worn for this type of piercing.


Nostril - Another common piercing that is placed anywhere along the curve of the nostril. Nose studs, nose screws, nosebones, fishtails, horseshoes(Circular barbells), and captive rings can be worn on the nostril. Because the nose is a mucous membrane, nasal piercings generally require more cleaning than other piercings- this will prevent mucous and bacteria from building up around your jewelry so your piercing will heal better and faster.

Septum - The septum is the soft part of the nose that separates your nostrils. The ideal septum piercing avoids nipping any cartilage, but depending on how much room your piercer has to work with, it can sometimes be unavoidable. Septum piercings with nipped cartilage takes a little longer to heal than a perfect septum piercing. This piercing is generally adorned with a septum retainer, captive bead ring, or circular barbell.


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I want to get my body pierced! Where do I start?

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