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Medusa Piercing

Posted by Jessica Theys on 12/11/2013 to Body Jewelry

One of my favorite piercings is my Medusa piercing. It is located in the middle of my upper lip. Typically, piercers will use a 16Gauge needle with a Labret in 16 Gauge by 3/8” in length. Piercers will use little bit longer than your actual size but appropriate length jewelry on most initial piercings because it will swell and it also helps with better air and blood circulation on your fleshly pierced area . After you get pierced, you can switch it up to which ever size you want. I’m most comfortable with a 16Gauge Surgical Steel Labret, which you can find in many different styles at Cocobul Body Jewelry. Medusa Piercing I was initially a little scared to get this particular piercing due to what others have said but I tried to keep an open minded because everyone has a different pain tolerance. I got pierced at My Tattoo in Alhambra, CA. The piercer was very educated and gentle with me. Although like my other sources said, this piercing did hurt a lot. It was one of the most painful piercing which I was not expecting. After getting the piercing, it became a little swollen. It was also very difficult to eat with this piercing, and I had to be very careful. Switching up your eating habit is very important when getting a new piercing around your mouth. If you do not take a caution and take care of your piercing the right way it can easily get infected and not heal properly. If you want to maintain a speedy healing process, you must clean your piercing. What I would recommend using is H20 Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray. I have quite a few piercings and for each one I have used this spray, and it has always worked perfectly for me.

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Pierce Body Date 8/24/2016
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Body Jewelry Date 9/4/2016
Great Blog! Very Informative.
Piercebody Date 9/5/2016
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