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My 1st piercing and aftercare

Posted by NRT on 11/26/2013 to Testimonies

When people get their ear lobes pierced, they normally get pierced with an 18 or 20 gauge needle. If you choose reputable piercing shop, you’ll more than likely be pierced in a clean and well sanitized area with a single use needle and with sterilized tools. Not with a piercing gun like a lot of jewelry stores tend to use. piercing and aftercare

The day was August 31st 2009. After a night in Hollywood, I decided to get my ears pierced. When I walked into the piercing shop, I had gone in with intention of getting pierced by at least a 10ga needle, but after looking at the 2ga jewelry that was available I decided on getting pierced with a 2ga needle instead. The process took no longer than 10 minutes and in my opinion wasn’t painful at all but then again everybody has different levels of pain tolerance. All I really felt was the needle puncturing by earlobe followed by a pressure like feeling that lasted about 2 seconds.

My piercer was very knowledgeable and was very good at explaining to me how I should take care of my new piercing. In the first couple of hours, my ears bled. According to my piercer it was expected since it was a fresh piercing. After a day or two, the bleeding had stopped. I went back to my piercer in a couple of weeks, so that he could examine my ears to check for any infection. My ears healed fairly quickly by always maintaining them clean and spraying them with Sea Salt Aftercare Spray 2-3 times a day. piercing and aftercare Whether you’re getting your ears, lip, eye brow or any other part of your body pierced, make sure to choose a reputable piercing shop. The key to keeping a fresh new piercing free of infections is by keeping it clean. Moving the jewelry or ‘playing’ with the jewelry on a new piercing can make your skin irritated, and it can lead to bleeding and an infection in the worst case scenario. Anti-Microbial soap should be used once a day to help keep the area around the piercing clean. Anti-Microbial Soap or Sea Salt Aftercare Spray which are available in cocobulbodyjewelry’s aftercare section, can be used to help promote healing to your new piercing. As long as the piercing is kept clean, you can expect your new piercing to heal fast.

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