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My First Dermal Experience

Posted by Cocobul Staff on 1/13/2015 to Body Jewelry

Let’s talk about my first Dermal experience! First, keep in mind that every professional body piercer is different and have their own techniques, and that personal pain tolerance varies and depends on placement. Nevertheless, I will share my experience with Dermal Piercings to try and help you learn what to expect.

It was 2011, I used to work at an indoor Flea market in the Greater Los Angeles area. There was a Tattoo and Piercing Shop located in the building (a VERY clean and professional one, FYI). I became friends with the people of the tattoo shop - especially with their body piercer who had 10+ years experience and had done all of his piercings on himself.

The first time he introduced me to dermal implants I was in awe, a bit scared, yet fascinated by the idea. I asked so many questions and wanted to know what to expect.

He didn't have a definite answer for what I should "expect" (aka pain sensation) since he had never had one (or done it to himself). However he did explain the procedure and followed it with details about aftercare.

His technique was definitely "old-school" and unique (since majority of piercers use dermal punches). He would use a suitable GA size surgical stainless steel needle, pinch (grab the skin gently) the marked area where the dermal anchor
I was intrigued and I knew I HAD to have at least one. So I chose a single dermal with the biggest size anchor and decided it would go right on the back of my neck.

He snapped his gloves on, cleaned the surface of my neck, marked the area, and double checked with me to ensure placement was good. "Good", I said -- let the procedure begin!

I lay flat on my stomach on the piercing table until I was comfortable. He pushed away any stray hairs from around my neck. He gently pinched the back of my neck, grabbing a good chunk of skin to lift up, the skin on the back of the neck is one of the toughest, thickest parts of skin on the body. With the forceps he held the skin in place. This made me feel the pinch even more and was a bit cold but not to the point that I wanted to tap out.

He proceeded to guide me on to the next step: the "POKE". He instructed me to breath in, breath out, take a deeper breath and let out a long exhale....


Phew... Didn't feel it that time, but it wasn’t over yet! This is when it gets a bit more "interesting". He proceeds by gently separating the opening, not sure what he used but it felt a bit cold, but it was not uncomfortable at this point.

Once again he instructs me to -- "breath in, breath out, deep breath, and long exhale..."

This is where I BRACED MYSELF.

The feeling of the tiny Titanium Anchor being inserted into my skin was a bit of a struggle. It felt like a cold pinch of discomfort for a moment until suddenly it was properly and securely inserted.

It was followed by a clean up around the anchor's top that peeks out of the skin (thankfully there wasn't much blood). Adding a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the rim, he carefully screwed in the 5mm dermal gem top on to the anchor until it had been secured.

Voilà! I have my very first dermal!!


There was no stinging sensation, blood drips or even throbbing pain. It was just a nice warm sensation. I can vouch that getting a dermal was way better than when I got my conch piercings on both ears. Healing is faster for one - well, depending where you get it and how WELL you take care of it. But it is faster than the conch healing.

As days passed, I made sure to clean around the surface (especially in the shower) with a cotton swab using Provon Antimicrobial Lotion Soap and lukewarm water. I followed that by spraying H20 Ocean on the area afterwards as a toner. I did this twice a day.

Healing time depends on how well you take care of it. You have to always refrain from TOUCHING your fresh piercings or dermals while in the healing process. If you have to touch it make sure to wash and disinfect your hands and fingernails.

After the experience, I was hooked! The following year I got two more (by the same piercer) to create "Orion's Belt" as I called it. It's one of my favorite constellations.

Fast forward two years later, I got two more - one on each of my(what's supposed to be) biceps. It was another part of tough skin to work with but quicker to insert than the neck.

To this day I still have them and love them every day! And I have a growing collection of dermal tops from Cocobul Body Jewelry that will continue to grow. Because I plan on getting more dermal implants!

What can I say? I'm an addict!

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Heidi Joy Pratt Date 3/23/2015
I saw 1 girl with a dermal on each cheek so it looked like dimples, and I've never seen it again like that on anyone. The thing is, were hers dermals or just standard piercings?

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