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Nose Piercing

Posted by T Sosa on 1/3/2014 to Body Jewelry

My favorite piercing has always been a nose piercing, and I finally was able to get it at the age of 16. One summer, I went to visit my grandma in Mexico with my cousins, and we were able to convince her to take us for our first piercings. She has always been the type to spoil her grandchildren, so it didn't take much convincing (In most of States in US, you have to be 18 yrs or older to get pierced. If you are under aged, you are going to need either the presence of parent or legal guardian or a written consent of parents or legal guardian. However, every city and state has different regulation, so be sure to check before. Simplest way to check is by contacting your local piercer). Nose Piercing We all went in a group and waited our turn. I got to admit that I was pretty nervous because I didn't know what to expect. Is it going to hurt? Am I going to get infected? Would the piercer mess up and make it crooked? When it was finally my turn, I sat on the chair and the piercer marked the spot where he thought it was best place. He pierced it so fast that I didn't know it had been done until my eyes started to water. It didn't hurt much but it just felt like a small pinch nothing like I expected. I was beyond happy when I looked in the mirror for the first time and saw a little gem on my nose. Nose Piercing Now at the age of 24, I still have my nose pierced and love it just as much as I did when I was 16. I like to change it up and wear nose hoops and different color gems to match my outfits. My collection of nose rings has grown over the years (thanks to Cocobul Body Jewelry for incredible selection on nose rings), but my all time favorite one to wear is a 316L Surgical Steel nose hoop. I never experienced any problems with my piercing because I clean it on a regular basis and followed proper cleaning instructions since the day I got it.

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